Significant drug manufacturing case busted in NW China

XI'AN, Jan. 28 (Xinhua) -- Police in northwest China's Shaanxi Province have busted a drug manufacturing case, seizing over 107 kg of methamphetamine and arresting 10 suspects, the provincial law enforcement authorities said Monday.

The anti-drug team with the provincial public security department received a tip-off in November 2018 that there might be a methamphetamine processing plant in Zhenba county in the city of Hanzhong.

On Dec. 27, 2018, Shaanxi police received evidence that a suspect surnamed Zhang from the neighboring Sichuan Province was headed to the drug processing plant to produce drugs.

The police launched a raid on the early morning of Jan. 6 and arrested 10 suspects.

Police also seized 107.52 kg of solid and liquid methamphetamine, 88 kg of drug producing materials and drug-making equipment from the plant. It is believed to be the largest drug producing case in the province.

An investigation into the case is underway.

[ Editor: Zhang Zhou ]


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