AI vehicle set for data gathering road-trip in Australia

SYDNEY, Feb. 13 (Xinhua) -- An electric car fitted with high-tech Artificial Intelligence (AI) sensors will hit the road in Australia, gathering crucial data to support the development of tomorrow's vehicles, authorities announced on Wednesday.

During its three month, the AI system will monitor driver behaviour to determine where its shortcomings lie in comparison with the adaptability of a human in 1,200-km journey across the State of Queensland.

"This is world-leading transport technology research and it's happening right here in Queensland," Transport and Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey said.

"As researchers drive the car across Queensland, onboard sensors will build a virtual map to help refine AI-equipped vehicles to drive safely on our roads."

Professor Michael Milford from Queensland University of Technology's (QUT) Australian Centre for Robotic Vision said the challenge for scientists now is getting AI to drive as well, or better than people.

Queensland's rural and remote areas provide an ideal testing ground for the technology which in the past has struggled on roads which lack clearly defined lane markings.

"As we drive, AI will watch and determine if it could perform the same as a human driver in all conditions," Milford said.

"A motorist on a rural road knows to stick on the left or imagine there is a line in the middle of the road -- people will also cross the imaginary line to go around obstacles, it's quite difficult for an automated vehicle to do this."

The Queensland government said they are committed to developing driverless technology which they believe has the potential to radically change the way we travel and save lives.

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