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Meng Xiangfei develops apps for supercomputers in China's Tianjin

Meng Xiangfei (L) and colleagues examine the prototype of China's new-generation exascale supercomputer Tianhe-3 at the National Supercomputer Center in Tianjin, north China, April 24, 2019. 40-year-old Meng Xiangfei has been active for ten years as head of the applied research and development department at the National Supercomputer Center in Tianjin. "What we do here is like developing apps for the supercomputers and make full use of their computing capacities," Meng explains. So far, the apps coded by Meng's team have only served really professional purposes, such as precision CT (computed tomography) detection of oil resources and research of state-of-the-art nuclear fusion reactors. "As China carries on research and deployment of its new-generation exascale supercomputer Tianhe-3, we will fulfill our future tasks with greater commitment," says Meng, who has recently received the May 4th Medal, which is recognized as the highest national honour given to a Chinese youth. (Xinhua/Li Ran)

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