Insurgents' landmines cause damage to bridge, road in Myanmar western state

YANGON, June 5 (Xinhua) -- Some seven improvised explosive devices, planted by an insurgent group, the Arakan Army (AA), have exploded on a highway in Rakhine state, causing damage to a bridge and the road, according to Myanmar Police Force Wednesday.

The landmines, planted near Kyarchantaung Bridge on Yangon-Sittway road in Myebon township, exploded on Tuesday morning and caused destruction to the bridge and road but with no casualties.

On last Friday, a bus had reportedly run over a landmine, planted by AA at the same site.

AA has been accused of planting landmines on roads in Rakhine state in an attempt to jeopardize the rule of law and cause panic among local residents.

The police force has warned of taking action against them or such offense.

AA is a non-signatory armed group to the government's Nationwide Ceasefire Accord (NCA).

Meanwhile, Myanmar military authorities announced on April 30 extension of the suspension period of all its military action against armed groups in five military command regions for two months until June 30.

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