Indians seek flexible working hours for work and life balance

MUMBAI, June 5 (Xinhua) -- Almost 39 percent of Indians are seeking flexible working hours while 6.36 percent are looking for work from home options to maintain an optimal work-life balance, said a survey conducted by Shine - India's second largest job portal, Tuesday.

Avoiding traffic was highlighted by 13.88 percent of the respondents as a key reason for a flexible working policy, while 6.37 percent wanted to save on the cost of their commute by working from home, the release said.

Commenting on the survey, Zairus Master, CEO -, said, "Of late, the team at has come across several candidate resumes that mention flexible working options as one of the top priorities."

This survey, with 70 percent of the respondents in the age bracket of 22-30, was aimed towards understanding why Indian professionals want flexible working, he said.

According to the survey, 43 percent of employees in India already have access to flexible working options. However, over 52 percent feel that their organization might not have the adequate culture to provide flexible working options calling for notifying certain guidelines on alternate working options, the release said.

While flexible working options were earlier limited to IT-based profiles, the survey revealed that other roles such as accounting, finance, HR, and administration are also catching up with modern workforce trends.

Another challenge faced by 22 percent of respondents while working remotely was the inability to stop working, even after office hours. While working from home, employees end up checking emails, attending calls or completing tasks even after the stipulated office hours, the release said.

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