Police emergency operation continues at New Zealand airbase on bombing threat

AUCKLAND, New Zealand, June 5 (Xinhua) -- A major police emergency operation is underway on Wednesday at Whenuapai airbase in Auckland after a threat was made about explosives.

It is reported by New Zealand Herald that an individual drove into a hangar and made threats about explosives. A large number of emergency service vehicles are seen at the air base, with armed police also responding to the incident.

New Zealand Police spokesperson confirmed that the emergency response was sparked by a male who had made threats. "As a precaution, roads leading to the area have been cordoned off, including the Whenuapai motorway off-ramps," the spokesperson said.

The Police also confirmed the Armed Offenders Squad had been deployed.

Auckland Transport advises motorists to stay clear of the area and cordons remain in place until further notice.

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