Laos enjoys "Night of Chinese Culture and Tourism"

VIENTIANE, June 10 (Xinhua) -- The "Night of Chinese Culture and Tourism," an important event of the 2019 Visit Laos-China Year, was held at the National Cultural Hall in Lao capital Vientiane on Sunday.

The event was attended by nearly 1,200 guests, including officials from both China and Laos.

A Chinese tourism promotional film was shown during the night, and a group of kungfu masters from Shaolin Temple Wushu Training Center presented an authentic and stunning Shaolin Kungfu. Before the kungfu performance, the guests also enjoyed the improvised demonstration of Chinese moon-shaped fans and paper-cutting art, and a photo exhibition of China.

When addressing the event, both Chinese Vice Minister of Culture and Tourism Zhang Xu and Lao Vice Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism Ounethouang Khaophanh stressed the need for cultural and tourism exchanges and cooperation between Laos and China, and efforts to develop the tourism market potential of the two countries.

They believed that the "Night of Chinese Culture and Tourism" will promote the friendship between the Lao and the Chinese people, and contribute to the development of tourism in both countries. Enditem

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