Chinese Mandarin speech contest for students held in Ottawa

OTTAWA, June 9 (Xinhua) -- A Chinese Mandarin speech contest for primary and secondary schools students was held in Ottawa, Canada Sunday.

The competition, dubbed "The Roots of the Distance," attracted more than 60 students to participate, who were divided into four groups based on age. An audience of over 200 people came to watch and gave their support.

Crowded into the chamber room of Ottawa Centrepoint Library with their Chinese teachers and parents standing by to take photos, the children gave a three-minute presentation in Mandarin in turn on topics ranging from their love for parents to their interest.

The contest is designed to provide students with an opportunity to show their Chinese language ability, to encourage more Canadian students to learn Chinese and to promote mutual understanding and communication among various schools, provinces and cultures, according to the Chinese Teachers Association of Canada (CTAC).

It offers an opportunity for k-12 students in Ottawa to show off their talents in Chinese language and culture, said a spokesperson of the CTAC.

The contest was organized by the non-profit CTAC and language schools in Ottawa.

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