China's book expo to bring the world of literature to children

BEIJING, July 10 (Xinhua) -- China's upcoming Children's Book Expo has invited well-known publishing houses and eminent writers, and will feature a wide range of children's books from home and abroad.

The expo, to be held from July 17 to 23 in Beijing, will display and sell more than 35,000 high-quality children's books, ranging from picture books to books on literature, science and traditional culture, said the organizer.

Visitors will have access to picture books in 11 languages and nearly 100 international prize-winning illustrations.

The expo is aimed at offering Chinese children quality books from abroad and introducing good reads to children around the globe as well, said the organizer.

A series of interactive activities, such as storytelling contests, will be held during the expo in an effort to attract more children to reading.

[ Editor: Shi Ruoqi ]


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