EU parliamentarians call for more efforts in bloc's fight against climate change

HELSINKI, Oct. 7 (Xinhua) -- The EU Inter-parliamentary Conference on Climate Change on Monday called on the new EU leadership to step up the efforts in fighting climate change.

A statement issued after the meeting said that the majority of delegations called upon the new European Commission and the European Council to step up the EU ambition level in carbon neutrality, and underlined the importance to involve the whole society in economically viable and socially just transition towards the goal.

The statement reiterated EU's commitment to goals of the Paris Agreement, and stressed the urgency to limit the climate change to 1.5 degrees as suggested by the IPCC.

Satu Hassi, Chairwoman of the Grand Committee of Finnish Parliament, said at a press conference that it is the task of parliaments of member states to create the rules for financial markets to facilitate green investments.

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