Vietnam raises reference exchange rate

HANOI, Oct. 10 (Xinhua) -- State Bank of Vietnam on Thursday increased its reference exchange rate between Vietnamese dong and U.S. dollar by 1 Vietnamese dong to 23,157 Vietnamese dong per U.S. dollar.

With the current trading band of plus or minus 3 percent, the ceiling exchange rate is 23,852 Vietnamese dong per U.S. dollar, and the floor rate is 22,462 Vietnamese dong per U.S. dollar, said the State Bank of Vietnam.

Major commercial banks in Vietnam, including Vietcombank and BIDV, kept their exchange rates unchanged on Thursday. BIDV maintained the rates at 23,140 Vietnamese dong per U.S. dollar for buying and 23,260 Vietnamese dong per U.S. dollar for selling.

This week, the reference exchange rates have seen two ups and two downs with total magnitude of 3 Vietnamese dong and 5 Vietnamese dong, respectively.

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