Tourism a key in poverty alleviation: newspaper

BEIJING, Oct. 10 (Xinhua) -- A recent report showed that China's tourism industry has become a key factor in boosting economic development and helping alleviate poverty, China Daily reported Thursday.

Nearly 80 million people, 10.3 percent of the working population, were employed thanks to the ever-booming tourism industry, according to the report released by the World Tourism Alliance and China Tourism Academy.

Tourism has been recognized as the most important industry helping people shake off poverty, especially in central and western provinces, said the newspaper, citing the report.

"About 4,800 people in 101 poor villages (monitored by a national database on rural tourism) nationwide have shaken off poverty by being actively involved in rural tourism, accounting for 30.4 percent of those lifted out of poverty," said Li Jinzao, vice-minister of culture and tourism.

Tourism-driven poverty alleviation work can bring positive results to both the economic and spiritual sectors, he said.

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