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Pic story: From veteran to experienced farmer


Li Xuanxuan, Li Yingxian's daughter, checks pear products on an e-commerce platform in Guanmiao Village of Luoning County, central China's Henan Province, Oct. 9, 2019. Li Yingxian, 62, has rich experience in growing pears. After retiring from army in 1982, Li started from scratch and unswervingly studied relevant knowledge of growing pears through reading books, asking for experts' advice and conducting numerous experiments. In 1998, he successfully cultivated a new type of pear and was awarded by local authorities. Currently, Li Yingxian plants about 33 hectares of pears, and over 1700 households living in poverty benefit from his voluntarily-shared experience. From a veteran to an experienced farmer, he is aspirational to help his people out of poverty. (Xinhua/Li Jianan)

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