U.S. House Intelligence Committee votes to adopt report on findings from Trump impeachment inquiry

WASHINGTON, Dec. 3 (Xinhua) -- The Democrat-led House Intelligence Committee voted on Tuesday along party lines to adopt a report summarizing its findings from an ongoing impeachment inquiry against U.S. President Donald Trump.

The 13-to-9 vote allowed the House panel chaired by Adam Schiff to hand over the report to the House Judiciary Committee, which is taking over the impeachment inquiry and is responsible for drafting any articles of impeachment against Trump.

The vote came hours after House Democrats publicly released the report that called evidence of Trump's alleged misconduct and obstruction of Congress "overwhelming."

Republican Congressman Mark Meadows, a Trump ally, quickly tweeted his response to the vote, calling the impeachment efforts "baseless and nakedly partisan."

The House Judiciary Committee led by Democrat Jerry Nadler is scheduled to hear from four legal experts in the panel's first hearing on Wednesday as part of the Trump impeachment inquiry.

Nadler has said they "expect to discuss the constitutional framework through which the House may analyze the evidence gathered in the present inquiry" and whether Trump's alleged actions "warrant the House's exercising its authority to adopt articles of impeachment."

However, neither Trump, who is in London for a NATO summit, nor his counsel Pat Cipollone will attend the hearing. In a letter to Nadler on Sunday, Cipollone said the White House won't participate in Wednesday's hearing, citing concern that the House Judiciary Committee won't afford Trump "a fair process."

House Democrats are conducting an impeachment inquiry into whether Trump abused his office by pressuring Ukraine into launching investigations that could benefit him politically. Lawmakers are also examining whether the Republican tied a White House meeting or aid to Ukraine to those investigations.

Wednesday's report was the result of a fast-moving investigation based on interviews with 17 current and former Trump administration officials who had offered their narratives of the White House's handling of its Ukraine policy.

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