Guangzhou employs new technology to care for elderly

Guangzhou, capital city of south China’s Guangdong province, has developed smart elderly-care products and services, benefiting more senior citizens.

Senior citizens do exercises following a robot. (Photo/

With new technologies such as the Internet of Things, Guangzhou has established an intelligent system for the elderly based on certain devices, such as watches and walking sticks, to provide comprehensive services for them.

With one click on the device, an elderly person can easily call for help. In addition, it can raise the alarm when the user falls and send real-time positioning information to the user’s family members and nursing workers, which better suits the needs of senior citizens.

In Guangzhou alone, the smart device has provided positioning services for more than 100,000 users and assisted in calling for help over 1,600 times for senior citizens in emergency situations.

Some companies have developed intelligent beds to make it easier to care for elderly people who can’t get around on their own. The existing smart beds can help senior citizens in bed lift up their legs, sit up and so on, and can even be turned into wheelchairs if the users need them.

With the continuous development of the smart caring industry, more intelligent devices will be employed to meet the various needs of the elderly, such as cooking, food delivery, feeding, bathing, traveling, and so on.

[ Editor: WPY ]