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Horses of history prosper in Gansu

Horses feed on the grassland at Shandan Military Horse Farm, Northwest China's Gansu province, July 10, 2020. [Photo by Chen Li for]

Intermingled with the summer grass, flowers blossom on a hillside at Shandan Military Horse Farm in Gansu province.

The farm is a breeding operation that produces horses like those used by historical armies in China. It is located in the Hexi Corridor, a major artery of the ancient Silk Road. It is one of the oldest and largest horse farms in the world, covering a total area of about 2,200 square kilometers and tracing its roots to the Western Han Dynasty (206 BC-AD 24).

The State-owned Shandan Farm is an ideal location for breeding and raising horses, thanks to lay of the land and abundant water and grass resources.

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