Zambia issues travel alert after robbing of officials in S. Africa

LUSAKA, Nov. 9 (Xinhua) -- The Zambian embassy in South Africa on Wednesday issued a travel alert on citizens traveling to South Africa after seven "Zambian senior officials" had been reportedly robbed there.

"We have noted with concern frequency in which Zambians are victims of crime especially those arriving at Oliver Tambo International Airport and staying overnight to transit to other countries," according to its statement.

It added that the advisory alert comes in the wake of several Zambians being waylaid and robbed of their belongings and valuables in South Africa.

It said the latest incident involved "seven Zambian senior officials traveling from Angola who were trailed from the airport to their lodging facility in Kempton Park in Johannesburg, where they were held at gun point and ordered to surrender all that they were carrying," it said.

The embassy has advised Zambians to book reputable hotels and other forms of accommodation to avoid dangers.

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