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Direct yuan-yen trading sees a good beginning
The direct trading of Chinese yuan and Japanese yen began today in Tokyo foreign exchange market. Banks participating in the trading said that it maintained a good beginning on the first day of trading, with several transactions achieved this morning.
U.S. severely punished online rumors
By Wang Li & Zhou Yueqin (
America was the origin of the Internet with the construction of the information superhighway in the early 1990s. The Internet has become an important channel for millions of Americans to get information and communicate with each other.
  ·Hollande meets Chinese ambassador
·Jim Yong Kim chosen as World Bank chief
·Germany held anti-war Easter
·Serbia starts pilot Chinese courses
·AU taps Chinese travel market
Where should the European Union go?
Fang Xiangsheng (Guangming reporter in Vienna)
Why have Indian military expenditures surged?
By Zhou Rong,Guangming Reporter in Islamabad
India unveiled the country's defense budget recently, raising its military spending to 1.93 trillion rupees (38.6 billion U.S. dollars) in the 2012-2013 period, an increase of 17.6% year on year.
Lessons from the yen’s internationalization
Yin Jianfeng, a researcher at the Institute of Finance and Banking under Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
During the historical process of the internationalization of the yen, the model of “trade settlement + offshore center” is unsuccessful.
ASEAN integration is on its way
Wu Jianyou (Guangming reporter in Bangkok)
The 20th ASEAN Summit was held in Phnom Penh, capital of Cambodia, from April 3 to April 4. Leaders of ASEAN held profound discussions on how to speed up the process of ASEAN integration and deepen cooperation.
France: integrate modern elements into traditional culture
Traditional activity
Germany:anti-war Easter parade
People from dozens of cities of Germany held the traditional activity: Easter parade.
Chinese language
Serbia starts pilot Chinese courses
A Memorandum on Cooperation in "Offering Chinese language courses in the middle and primary schools in Serbia" was signed.
Tourism Australia
AU taps Chinese travel market
A comprehensive research on travelers from 13 second-tier cities of China was announced by the Tourism Australia.
The Golden Bear
"Caesar Must Die" Won!
Italian directors won the Golden Bear of the 62nd Berlin international film festival.
Obama sharply criticized high American college tuitions
Animal in UK
The unscrupulous foxes in UK
It is reported that a fully-grown man was followed and attacked by a fox as he walked home from the supermarket.
U.S. education
American education is "in a mess"?
Yang Zhenning said, the contribution of Peking University and Tsinghua University to China are more than the contribution of Harvard University to United State.
UK visa
GB tightens overseas students visa
The British Home office announced the new visa policy for overseas students, deciding to tighten the visa for students to Britain.
EU carbon tax
EU’s carbon tax aroused wrath globally
Representatives from 33 countries attended an international conference to unify their stance on the EU’s carbon tax issue from Feb.21 to 22.

Shadow play staged in Chengdu, S China

National leisure farm industry creativity contest

2012 EPIC Sustainable Living Expo kicks off

China Braille Library in Beijing

Dream of Red Chamber starts national tour

Brazilian pianist plays piano in the air

Glass artworks museum in Chengde, China

 "Story of Dragon" fashion show held in Beijing

Beijing Opera staged in Istanbul, Turkey

Chinese dance performed in Istanbul

Xi'an builds 'space capsule' hotel

Tourism industry booms in Dunhuang



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