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Eating rice dumplings
Eating rice dumplings is also a traditional convention for Chinese people. The rice dumpling is a kind of food with various designs and styles: in North China, the Beijing date rice dumpling is always wrapped with small Chinese dates; while in South China, the rice dumplings are often stuffed with diversified materials, such as sweetened bean paste, fresh meat, ham and yolk, among which the "Wufangzhai" rice dumplings in Jiaxing, Zhejiang province are the most famous.
Dragon Boat Festival: "Man's Day" of the Miao. As a festival of the Miao minority, the Dragon-boat Festival is celebrated in the form of dragon-boat racing in the fifth lunar month every year. Similar to the Han people's custom of dragon-boat racing during the Dragon Boat Festival, it reveals that dragon is the symbol of auspiciousness and strength in the view of the Chinese. The Dragon-boat Festival falls on the 14th day of the fifth lunar month and lasts till the 17th.
Dragon Boat Race
Dragon Boat Race, a major convention in the Festival, first appeared in the Warring States Age. At that time, it was only a sacrificial activity. Among the rapid drum, the dragon-like canoes cross the river like hot cakes, not only entertaining the gods but also bringing pleasure for people. Later people held Dragon Boat Race to memorialize the poet Qu Yuan who drowned himself in a river. Now Dragon Boat Race is a traditional entertainment for Chinese people.

Dragon Boat Festival celebrated across China

People dressed in ancient costumes worshipping Qu Yuan

People hold dragon boat race to celebrate Duanwu Festival

Chinese celebrate Dragon Boat Festival

Traditional food on Dragon Boat Festival: Zongzi

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