Eva Ekeroth
Swedish Writer

Eva Ekeroth, Swedish writer, has lived in China for over thirteen years and has been working on cultural exchanges between China and Sweden for a long period. She is to leave office as the Swedish cultural counselor to China. Her first book is a fairy tale about a story of friendship. She writes fairy tales just for her daughter’s happiness instead of education.More>>

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  • "Well, my nicest memory from Chinese, actually, is that I spent nine years dancing with old people. It was when I lived in Shanghai. Every week, I danced with them for nine years even with a big belly when I was going to have a child."
  • "I mean, children are really smart people, so I think it's better to let this kind of subjects being talked about in books. It could even help children understand better and feel better inside, I think."
  • "Some words (About Eva's first fairy book), maybe one could say friendship, adventure and magic realism."
  • "So if you let your child watch something very violent, if you let them do that. In the first place, I think it needs to be a communication between the parent and child to explain or talk about it at least."

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