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Flight delay causes quarrel. This time many netizens seem to support the airlines company.


Flight delay causes quarrel. This time many netizens seem to support the airlines company.

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Xiamen Airlines recently punished some crew members who refused to provide service for a 12-year-old girl because the girl abused one crew in public. Till we publish this story there are more than twenty thousands of comments about this.

According to the report by Xiamen Airlines, on August 6, after the consultation to ATC (Air Traffic Control), the captain of Flight MF8036 got the message that they couldn’t take off in 5 hours and all the passengers were led off the plane. Clearly no passenger would be happy to hear this. Then a 12-year-old girl abused the chief attendant in public. The captain came to ask the girl or her guardian to apologize to the chief attendant. But they were refused. Then the captain called the ATC and got the permission to refuse that girl.

Five hours later, the passengers got on the plane a second time but the girl didn’t. 10 people required to get off because they were in one team. So the flight was delayed again. It took off at 19:50. And then those passengers who didn’t take off turned to Xiamen Airlines for an explanation, which as this flight company said in the report, “harmed the good reputation of the company.”

In the report, the captain’s decision to refuse that girl was not proper to some clauses of the company’s rules. So the Flight MF8036 crew members were punished.

Generally speaking, Chinese netizens always blame or sneer at the airline company in most situations. But not this time.

Many netizens blamed the girls’ guardians. The child is too young to be fair or undertake the responsibility, but there is no excuse for her guardians to ignore the child’s rudeness and refuse to apologize, as many comments said.

A self-media focusing on airlines sent the captain regards and questioned Xiamen Airlines that whether good service must include the endurance of humiliation. But Xiamen Airlines still stands its ground for the punishment on the crew.

What do you think about it?

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