5G-assisted unmanned boat conducts water monitoring in Beijing park

BEIJING, May 21 (Xinhua) -- An unmanned boat with 5G wireless technology has been used to monitor water quality in a Beijing park, according to the Beijing Daily Thursday.

The unmanned boat shuttles in the waters of Beihai Park to collect data on water quality and the surrounding environment.

The 1.2-meter-long boat is equipped with high-definition cameras and a water quality sensor, which can transmit real-time data to a monitoring platform through the 5G network. The boat can be remotely controlled or travel along a preset route. It can automatically avoid obstacles by scanning through its radar.

After charging for two hours, the unmanned boat can travel in the waters for five to six hours. It can transmit several water quality parameters such as pH value and turbidity back to the monitoring platform and update the information every 15 seconds.

Water monitoring mainly relies on staff collecting water samples for testing in the lab. The unmanned boat has better monitoring capability in hard-to-reach areas and helps improve the monitoring efficiency.

Similar unmanned boats are expected to be used in more rivers and lakes in Beijing, according to the report. Enditem

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