Rags to riches through China's poverty alleviation efforts

2021-July-27 17:34 By: Xinhua

LHASA, July 27 (Xinhua) -- Standing in the parlor he built before his house, Tashi Dundrup showed his prized possession with a sense of pride.

"Spanning more than 100 square meters in space, the house has a kitchen, a bathroom, a living room and three bedrooms, and all came at a discounted price thanks to the national policy," he said.

Tashi is a resident of Yuan Meng Xin Ju community in Gertse county, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region. In standard Chinese, Yuan Meng Xin Ju means "a new home where dreams come true."

His living room has a full set of Tibetan-style furniture and all household electronic utilities. However, for Tashi and his family, such living condition was hard to imagine five years ago.

He used to be a herder in Rimar village. "Back then, we only had a clay house," Tashi said, adding that he used to make a meager 2,000 yuan (308.8 U.S. dollars) a year from herding, which was just enough to live from hand to mouth.

In pursuit of a better life, Tashi, who was then living below the national poverty line, registered for a poverty alleviation relocation program.

After being relocated, fortune smiled on him. Tashi was given the job of water delivery at the community's property management center by the local government. He was also elected as a member of the community management team this April, and took up the task of organizing cultural activities in the neighborhood.

Tashi's wife Sonam Tsomo joined the local weaving cooperative, where locals make handicrafts and sell them. Currently, Sonam is aspiring to earn some qualifications in cookery so she can work at the community restaurant.

Tashi's family income totaled 36,000 yuan in 2020. Back in Rimar village, he also has around 40 livestock being looked after by his relatives. With all the possessions put together, Tashi can save more than 20,000 yuan every year.

Tashi's three children are currently attending school in the county, studying not far from home. "Their meals and tuitions are free. I have nothing to worry about," said Tashi.

"After relocation, my children can enjoy more convenient education, and our living conditions is so much better," Tashi said.

Yuan Meng Xin Ju community is Gertse county's first relocation site for poverty alleviation, and was built with a total investment of 17.18 million yuan.

Home to 199 residents from 44 families, the community has all necessary amenities such as a cargo center, a wet market and a home service center. And like Tashi, all dwellers have shaken off poverty.

Thanks to the efforts of Tashi and his colleagues, the community residents have access to diverse public cultural services, adding more happiness to their lives.

"I am very content with my family's life, and I will continue working with my colleagues for the better lives of my fellow residents," Tashi said. Enditem

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