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Staying open crucial to Asia: Chinese vice premier
Asia should stay open and inclusive to the world and among its members to achieve sound and sustainable development, Chinese Vice Premier Li Keqiang said on Monday.
Chinese VP calls for sound, sustainable development in Asia
Asian countries should promote internal drivers of growth and stay open and inclusive so as to achieve sound and sustainable development, Li said at the ceremony.
·China to deepen reforms to drive growth: vice premier
·Chinese VP attends opening ceremony of Boao Forum
·Chinese VP Li Keqiang meets foreign guests
·South China Sea issue can be resolved 'properly'
·Chinese vice premier meets foreign guests
·Li Keqiang meets Iranian vice president in Boao


The Boao Forum for Asia (BFA) Annual Conference 2012, one of Asia's biggest annual economic meetings, will be held from April 1 to 3 with a theme of "Asia in the Changing World: Moving Toward Sound & Sustainable Development".


China to deepen reforms to drive growth: vice premier
Chinese Vice Premier Li Keqiang said Monday that China will deepen reforms and opening-up to remove obstacles on its course to transfer growth mode and drive economic and social development.
Seeking internal growth drivers new trend in Asia: Chinese VP
Promoting internal growth drivers is the new trend in Asia's open economic development, said Chinese Vice Premier Li Keqiang on Monday.Li said that Asia has its unique advantages in seeking internal growth drivers as it is home to around 45 percent of the world' s population, which gives a huge potential in their dometic markets.
Boom time for private sector in 2012
The development of China's private sector is likely to witness a breakthrough in 2012, as the authorities consolidate rules to lower entrance limits and become more reliant on the private sector against the backdrop of an economic slowdown, said analysts and executives.


Economic relations benefit both sides



GMW exclusive interview with delegate of BFA
GMW exclusive interview with delegate of BFA. Ambassador James & R.Keith, Senior Director of Mclarty Associates.
Yao says Jeremy Lin's success "unexpected"
Yao Ming said he and Lin are different, brushing off reporters' questions on whether he saw a younger version of himself in the new star.
GMW exclusive interview with Boao Secretary General Zhou Wenzhong
Zhou Wenzhong, Secretary-General of the Boao Forum for Asia, former Chinese ambassador to the United States.
Italian Prime Minister eager for investment
Premier Wen Jiabao welcomes visiting Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on Saturday.

Aging Economics: "Grey" Opportunities in Asia

Employment and Growth panel at BFA

BFA Annual Conference 2012 kicks off

The opening ceremony of Boao Forum

Hainan Province Press Conference held in Boao

Yao attends "Young Leaders Roundtable"

Chinese VP meets foreign guests

Yao Ming attends "Young Leaders Roundtable"

BFA "New Fortune Cup" Golf Invitational 2012

BFA General Meeting of Members kicks off in Boao

Li meets members of BFA board of council of advisors

Guests arrive in Boao for BFA 2012 conference



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