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WHO urges gov'ts to say no to tobacco industry interference
The World Health Organization (WHO) called on governments worldwide on Wednesday to be more vigilant against the increasingly aggressive attacks from the industry which undermine policies that protect people from harms of tobacco.
Eject tobacco scientist, letter urges CAE
Ahead of Thursday's World No-Smoking Day, nearly 100 academics of the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE) have written a letter to academy leaders, requesting a tobacco scientist's membership of the body be reviewed.
  ·Tobacco expert appointment ignites protest
·Tougher efforts called to block teenagers' easy access to cigarettes
·Anti-smoking law could get tougher
·Tobacco price, tax hikes under study: official
·China may raise tobacco price to curb consumption
China slowly adopts tobacco-free laws
Report warns of risk from nicotine addiction
According to Health Hazards of Smoking, China accounts for about 40 percent of global production and consumption, and is the world leader for both.
Health ministry calls for smoking cessation hotline
China's Ministry of Health has called for a hotline to be set up to provide professional consultation in smoking cessation.
Shanghai's smoking ban may be expanded
Shanghai's smoking ban may be expanded to cover all indoor venues later this year after city legislators review the smoke-control law which came into effect in 2009.
New quit-smoking plan gets support
A plan to add a quit-smoking program to China's basic healthcare system sparked a hot debate since it was released by Chinese Health Minister Chen Zhu at a forum in Shanghai on March 31.
Volunteers rally on "World No Tobacco Day"
Spain bans smoking in public areas
Smoking in enclosed public areas in Spain is now illegal after an anti-smoking law became effective on Sunday.
Britain gets used to no smoking laws
That’s an especially good thing if you are an English smoker, because that’s about the only place you can light up these days.
UK: No-smoking laws force fewer people to light up
Changing attitudes in the UK could be in part price...a packet of 20 costs about ten dollars nearly all of which is made up of tax.
New York outdoor smoking ban begins
New York City took its smoking prohibition outdoors, adding the city's parks and beaches to the list of places where lighting up is off limits.

Chinese students promote World No-Tobacco Day

Children take part in anti-smoking activity

China makes efforts on tobacco control

College students publicize smoking cessation

World No Tobacco Day in Seoul

Indoor smoking ban in public venues



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