The 3rd China-Eurasia Expo will be held between September 2nd and 7th, 2013.Through hosting the China-Eurasia Economic Development Cooperation Forum and a series of other business exchanges, the Expo hopes to achieve professionalism by assembling a combined effect of globalization, market-orientation, professionalism, and brand marketing.

The 3rd Expo will cover four pavilions of the International and Hong Kong, Macao & Taiwan Pavilion, Commodity and Trade Pavilion, Investment Cooperation Pavilion, and Service Trade and High Technology Pavilion

·198.7 Billion Yuan Worth of Financial Cooperation Projects Signed in China-Eurasia Expo
·Contracts worth $35b sealed at China-Eurasia Expo
·Domestic deals worth $121b sealed at the Expo
·Chinese VP to attend the opening ceremony
·Jiangsu firms debut at 3rd China-Eurasia Expo
·Quotable quotes on China-Eurasia Expo
·Xinjiang Beauty Project at 3rd China-Eurasia Expo
·Chinese VP urges Eurasian common development
·Chinese VP meets foreign leaders
·More Countries to join 3rd China-Eurasia Expo
China Eurasia Expo makes Xinjiang a new Eurasian corridor
From the domestic and overseas responses to the 3rd China Eurasia Expo and the total value of trade, the expo has accelerated Xinjiang's turn from a resource-oriented area to an economy-oriented area.
Focus on the 3rd China-Eurasia Expo : Several highlights
Walking into the exhibition halls of the 3rd China-Eurasia Expo, numerous stands and their respective highlights attract attendees’ eyeballs.


·Helen Clark's Speech at Opening Ceremony
·Full Text: Promote Common Development Through Greater Openness and Cooperation
·The Fourth Session of China-Eurasia Expo Organizing Committee held in Urumqi
·2013 Forum on Financial Cooperation & Development
·India-China Business &Investment Forum held
·Main venue of the China–Eurasia Expo Unveiled
·Xinjiang to host China-Eurasia Expo in Sept.
·Xinjiang H1 foreign trade exceeds 10 Bil USD
·Expo aims for diversity and professionalism
3rd CAE highlights the function of trade and economic platform



Border trade center serves as China's gateway to Kazakhstan
Ravil Budukov said he finds his work exciting, building bridges between business communities in the neighboring countries.
China, Tajikistan eye free trade zone in agriculture along border
China and Tajikistan are discussing establishing a free trade zone to expand trade in agricultural products.
China-Eurasia Expo puts diversified cultures under spotlight
The CAE attracts exhibitors from Central Asian countries to display their unique and diversified cultures.
Chinese VP urges Eurasian common development
Li made the remarks at the third China-Eurasia Economic Development and Cooperation Forum that opened in Urumqi.

623 Financial Cooperation Projects of Xinjiang cities Signed in China-Eurasia Expo

BMW sent cars to distinguished guests in the 3rd CAE

Prefecture cities of Xinjiang in the expo

Gorgeous Xinjiang embroidered ladies in CAE

Main venue of the China–Eurasia Expo Unveiled

Countdown to the 3rd Expo
China upgrades Urumqi fair for Eurasia trade
  China will upgrade an annual trade fair held in Urumqi to a leading trade platform in the heart of Eurasia and to boost cross-border economic cooperation in a region vulnerable to unrest and violence.
China-Eurasia Expo puts diversified cultures under spotlight
  The Expo's main goal is to promote economic exchanges between China and Central Asia, but there’s also a showcase of unique and diversified cultures of these countries.
·Quotable quotes on China-Eurasia Expo
·Expo aims for diversity and professionalism
·China Eurasia Expo makes Xinjiang a new corridor between Asia and Europe
·Hundreds of reporters expected to descend on China-Eurasia Expo
·China: Key Player in World Trade
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