4-year-old boy doodles on dad's passport and gets him stuck in South Korea

Adili, a 23-year-old Uyghur senior student of Changsha University of Science and Technology in Hunan Province, come from a family that makes Xinjiang nuts cake in Kashi, Xinjiang. He decided to make authentic and affordable Xinjiang nuts cake to regain the fame of this fine food of his hometown.

Man from Guangdong bare hands to catch a baby falling from a second floor window

Heilongjiang (ECNS) -- Three unidentified flying objects were spotted falling from the sky and landing in two places in Heilongjiang province about 6:00 am Friday, reported.

Chinese grandfather is beaten to death on the street in New York, and CCTV shows several people walked past and anyone came to help him...

On May 13, a 300-year-old giant wild ganoderma lucidum (Lingzhi) that was collected by professor Wang Qianyi appeared at Lingzhitang of Wenbogong in Shenzhen, attracting a number of tourists' attention.


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