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China pledges continuous aid to Africa in anti-Ebola efforts

Smog causes lung cancer: lawmaker

China supports UN in playing due role in Palestinian-Israeli issue

Chinese FM meets officials to attend int'l conference on Afghanistan

China-Russia-Mongolia dialogue eyes closer trilateral relations

Possible hard winter for Europe

European people will not feel at ease to get through the coming winter unless the natural gas issue between Russia and Ukraine is solved. European media may ask whether heating installations will work just as last winter. Their governments have to stand out and promise that Europe has made full preparations for Russia’s possible suspension of natural gas supply.

Turkish people mark 91st Republic Day

People attend the parade marking the 91st Republic Day in Ankara, capital of Turkey, Oct. 29, 2014. Turkey celebrated the 91st anniversary of the foundation of its republic on Wednesday.

Accordionist on the ruins

The old man named Shi Zhentai is over sixty years old, and people all call him “Lao Shi”. He was born and brought up at Dongjiadu, Shanghai. He always wanders about the streets with an accordion and plays the accordion for residents and tourists.

Warming-up photos of Pole Dance Tournament

Recently, sponsored by World Pole Dance Federation and China Pole Dance Association, the eighth China Pole Dance Tournament was held in Beijing. Photo shows candidates warming up before performing.

Hot online in China: Why work hard at school?

Keyword: explanation of "the decision"; press cards for website editors; Wechat greengrocer; cold winter for Samsung; TV series Red Sorghum; drop-out kid; website for finding missing kids

Chinese Halloween party: Detective Dee, Priest Tang, Super Mario and Spider-man

Detective Dee, Priest Tang, Monkey King, Super Mario Optimus and Spider-man, all stunning figures appear in the Halloween party of Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics to conduct fire prevention publicity on Oct. 30, 2014.

Hello Kitty Dreams Restaurant in Beijing

This is China's first Hello Kitty theme restaurant in the capital. Expectedly, it's all pink and sweet inside the restaurant, authorized by the Japanese parent company Sanrio. The tablecloth is pink, as are the chairs, ceiling and floor, even the lamp light shines soft and rosy. Waiters are in white shirts with a red bow and blue rompers, while waitresses wear pink dresses.

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