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Party's leadership "most fundamental guarantee" for rule of law in China

CPC decision on advancing rule of law draws worldwide attention

China calls for continued democratic consultation in democratic consultation

Jack Ma heads for Hollywood in search of content

Chinese vice premier meets Swedish guests

Maksim: always on the way to engage the classical music with the young

Maksim Mrvica, a Croatian pianist playing classical crossover music, has amazed the world by his musical talent. He has hold musical tours in China for years, with new surprises every year. Ahead of his China Tour 2014, which will be launched at the end of November, he joined an interview with His new album, Mezzo E Mezzo, will be released in China soon.

Baby killed, seven injured in terror attack in Jerusalem

Asi Aharoni, a spokesperson for the Jerusalem district police, said that at approximately 18:00 (15:00 GMT), a motorist on a private car hit pedestrians near a light rail station in Jerusalem.

Beauty and beast! Gorgeous models perform pole dance in Chongqing auto show

The fourth session of China Auto Show kicks off in Chongqing on October 23, 2014. Photo shows gorgeous models in the show.

Police dogs not to let you down

In the outskirts of Nanjing, Jiangsu, there is a special “combat group” who live, train and perform tasks together. “They” are dog handlers and police dogs with Chinese armed police. Dog handlers have to do cleaning for the dog houses, feed, wash and play with these dogs. Besides, it is also their duty to train the dogs to sit, stand, lie down, hunt down drugs, jump over obstacles and so on.

China tour of NBA stars

For the past several years, the NBA has been aggressively courting Chinese basketball fans, setting up a league office with more than 100 employees and encouraging players to travel there. Here, some of the most memorable photo ops from NBA stars' China tours:

Hot online in China: Are you missing the "Jade Rabbit"?

Keyword: talk on "rule of law"; moon exploration; resignation of Sina editor-in-chief; Nokia; Meizu&Ali; CCTV campus recruitment
Report on the fourth plenary session of the 18th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China is still heating up today...

A glimpse into the history of the China's PLAN destroyers

In 1979, comrade Deng Xiaoping inspected the "Jinan" destroyer---the first destroyer of the first generation of homemade missile destroyers, and wrote an inscription which reads: "establish a powerful Navy with modern combat capacity". This destroyer unit assumed the heavy responsibility of being the "path-breaker".

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