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Chinese premier vows deepened energy, infrastructure cooperation with Romania

China calls on Pakistan to resolve problems through talks

Monopoly probes treat firms equally

China, Russia to start construction of joint gas pipeline

China revises law to better manage government money

Research shows aggravation of U.S. corruption

Political corruption in the U.S., on one hand, relates to state government expenditures. Spendings in most states with severe corruption problems are concentrated on construction programs, most of which are high-investment and low-transparency projects that easily breed bribery and commission-taking. On the other hand, corruption lies in "political contributions".

Japan, India vow to boost strategic ties at Tokyo summit

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi held summit talks here Monday, and the two leaders decided to boost bilateral strategic ties and double Japan's investment in India within five years.

Life with ALS on a teachers' platform

September 1, Zhan Weiguang gave a lecture sitting on a desk. In the past summer vacation, “Ice Bucket Challenge” has set the globe on fire. Teacher Zhan is exactly one of the main characters of this activity, a man with ALS. From walking independently to moving with assistance to hardly making any step forward, he has spent almost all his beautiful life time here.

A sumptuous feast in the undersea tunnel

At the night of September 1st, visitors savored a sumptuous feast in the undersea tunnel with fishes swimming by in Polar Ocean World, Tianjing.An undersea concert went on with several musicians playing rock and roll.

Norbu Lingka during Shoton Festival

During the ongoing 2014 Lhasa Shoton Festival kicked on Aug. 25, 2014, Norbu Lingka became a hot spot of residents in Lhasa, as "Guo Lingka" is an important part of celebrations during the festival.Located in downtown Lhasa, Norbu Lingka, which is used to serve as the summer palace of Dalai Lamas in past time, has become a public park now.

A city of belief: Kashgar

Id kah mosque, located in Kashgar, South of Xinjiang, is the largest mosque in China with a history of more than 500 years. 90% of population in Kashgar is Uygur. Id kah mosque is the belief center of this city, with 2000 to 3000 people coming to pray every day.As a name card of Kashgar, Id kah mosque has become an important stage for all activities in this city.

Man raises cute piggy as his pet and walks it on the street

Photo shows a man walking his pet piggy on the street in Nanchang. The little pig followed his owner walking slowing while sometimes seeking snacks on the way. According to the owner, he bought it last year with 500 RMB and named it "milk cow".

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