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CPC to hold key session on rule of law

Zhou Yongkang investigated for serious disciplinary violation

Heavy casualties reported in Xinjiang terror attack

Colombian president meets with Abe in Bogota

Travelers find ways around flight delays and cancellations

Harel Kodesh: The Biggest Internet Industry Empire Today is China, not the U.S.

From Microsoft to Amdocs, then to EMC, and now as President of Red loop Media as well as CEO of Nurego, Harel Kodesh has received world-wide acclaims for his expertise in Big Data, production chain and IT technologies.

Libyan warplane crashes in Benghazi

A government MiG warplane crashed during Tuesday's fighting, in Benghazi, July 29, 2014.A warplane crashed on Tuesday in Libya's eastern city of Benghazi while carrying out bombing missions against armed Islamist groups, according to military sources.

Dama and Dashu practice Tai Chi at a bank in Chengdu, Sichuan

“Dama and Dashu (Dama’s male equivalent, uncle, not “big daddy”) in Chengdu are so awesome that they actually practiced Tai Chi at a bank business hall due to the hot weather.” Said a Weibo user “金俊庾” on his Weibo.He posted a group of photos that showed almost twenty middle aged and elderly people practiced Tai Chi at a bank business hall.

Being a “Mother” for Three Years at an Age of 10

Nannan at an age of 10, from Jintang, Changsha, has taken the responsibility of a mother for three years. Nannan’s mother passed away three years ago. From then on, she has become the “little mother” for her young siblings, as her father is always busying working in a construction site.

The insistence of a 1.38-meter figure

Xiong Chaogui, a 50-year-old principal of an elementary school in rural areas Yunnan, is called “Compact Teacher” for his 1.38-meter height.1985, he came back to the impoverished village to be a teacher to help children with their study and future. He has insisted for 30 years, and witnessed the transition of rural education.

"Fight Japanese invaders" in a shopping mall in Taiyuan

Clerks wearing uniforms of Chinese Eighth Route Army and capture the ones dresses as "Japanese invaders" with machetes and guns.

Wuhan girl brings wireless fan on metro, makeing other passengers jealous

A girl in Hubei was spotted using a wireless electric fanon the metro, prompting the other jealous, sweaty passengers to snap pics.According to the law, it was not considered contraband since its length was shorter than 1.6 metres while its width did not exceed 1.8 metres.

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