How a Less Developed City Struggled out of Its CO2 Emission Dilemma?

Guangyuan’s low carbon surprise indicates that economic level, technology capacity and human resources are important factors for low carbon development, but not dominant conditions, less developed city can also take the lead in low carbon initiative and solve its CO2 dilemma.


Year of Sheep 2015

The Spring Festival is the most important festival for the Chinese people and is when all family members get together, just like Christmas in the West.

My Friendship Diary

Dear friends, I become 65 years old when October 1 comes in 2014. On my birthday, I want to express my gratitude to you, friends from foreign countries.

Bloodiest Battles: Anti-Japanese War Documentary Series

The July 7 Incident marked the beginning of China's eight-year War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression when Lugou Bridge was attacked by Japanese troops.

World Internet Conference Wuzhen Summit

To promote the development of Internet to be the global shared resources for human solidarity and economic progress, the first “World Internet Conference” (Wuzhen Summit) is to be held in Wuzhen, a town of more than 7,000 years of history of civilization in Zhejiang Province from November 19th to 21st, 2014.

Beijing gears up for 2014 APEC summit

Yanqihu of Huairou District, Beijing is the exact convention point of APEC 2014, which will be held in autumn.

Focus on common people's life in Xinjiang

Xinjiang Autonomous Region is famous for its rich resources and hospitable people.



Prioritize saving lives, premier tells Yangtze rescuers

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang calls upon survivors of the overturned ship at a hospital in Jianli County, central China's Hubei Province, June 2, 2015. The ship, named Dongfangzhixing, or Eastern Star, sank at around 9:28 p.m. (1328 GMT) on Monday in the Jianli section of the Yangtze River.


Premier Li pays respects to those killed in ship accident

Premier Li Keqiang bows before bodies of those who died in the worst recorded ship disaster on the Yangtze River.At around 9:00 am Wednesday, Premier Li Keqiang again came to the site on a vessel and supervised the operation.


The Bartz Brothers and their Snow Shark

The Bartz brothers are like most other siblings. In the winter, though, they do something pretty unique. They older brothers don't dump snow shoveling duties on the youngest boy. Instead, Austin, Trevor, and Connor Bartz use the snow to create amazing sculptures like you've never seen before. These make snowmen seem like snowmice.


LOL! When Journey to the West meets The Hobbit

The following pictures created by Chinese netizens with their fantastic ideas show a free world of famous characters of the above two novels from East and West.


Hold my hands and I will show you a different world

The PLA Information Engineering University in China released admissions poster: Hold my hands and I will show you a different world


Egypt court adjourns final verdict on Morsi death sentence

In addition to the death sentence, Morsi was also sentenced in April by the Cairo Criminal Court to 20 years in jail over ordering the arrest and torture of protesters in 2012.


No One Takes Selfies Like These Hysterical Animals...I Can't Stop Laughing

Looks like the animal kingdom is at it again. Yep, they're taking the selfie world by storm, putting that front-facing camera to use, documenting all of those ever-important moments. After all, if there isn't a picture to post on social media, it didn't happen.


14 rescued in Yangtze sinking, over 430 missing

Fourteen people have been rescued and seven are confirmed dead more than 24 hours after a passenger ship carrying 456 people capsized in China's Yangtze River, navigation authorities said Tuesday.

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