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Love on the cheap for Valentine's Day
    Lovers can immerse themselves in a sea of love on Valentine's Day at the China Maritime Museum.  
They can learn to tie lovers' knots and climb aboard the 31-meter-long Blessing Boat (Fu Boat) built in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) style.How to get there: The museum is 75km from downtown Shanghai, 32km from Yangshan Deep-Water Port, 25km from Pudong International Airport.
    World Chocolate Wonderland   
Lovers can literally surround themselves with chocolate, touring an exhibition where everything is chocolate - the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, hundreds of terracotta warriors, dinosaurs, Transformers, the Lion King and other figures from history and Hollywood.
Students to book rooms for migrants during Qixi Festival
A dozen college students in Henan province plan to book 200 hotel rooms in which migrant workers' families can reunite during the Qixi Festival, which falls on Thursday. The practice is aimed at drawing public attention to the welfare of migrant workers, who have made a great contribution to the country's rapid urbanization. A hotel in Zhengzhou has promised to provide 15 rooms free of charge as well as free dinners for the migrant workers on Thursday night

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