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2019-December-9 14:31 By: GMW.cn

GMW.cn, also called Guangming Online, is the official website of Guangming Daily. It is operated by the Guangming Online Media Co., Ltd., and is a subsidiary owned by the Guangming Daily Group.

Guangming Daily is a newspaper established in Beijing on June 16, 1949. “Rooted in the intellectual community, serving readers at home and abroad”, Guangming Daily focuses on the fields of education, science and technology, and culture and theory. It is popular among Chinese intellectual circles. Guangming Daily has 37 domestic news bureaus and 23 overseas news bureaus, with a daily circulation of around 1 million copies.

GMW.cn was founded in 1998 as the online platform of Guangming Daily. At present, its average daily page views (PV) have reached 180 million, with 35 million unique visitors (UV) every day.

Editor: Liu Jiaming
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