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BRICS summit raises hopes
Chinese President Xi Jinping gave the first joint interview to the media from BRICS countries and stressed that China will work together with developing countries to make cooperation and mutual benefits, which shows China will always value and develop friendship and partnership with developing countries.
History has proven and will continue to prove that no matter how the global conditions change, China will march ahead hand in hand with developing countries.

Confrontation and sanction not the best prescription for Korean Peninsula2013-03-19


DPRK military says Korean war armistice agreement "null"
The current situation tells us that the sticks against the DPRK -- whether in the form of sanctions or threats of military action -- would not work, except raising regional tension. 
Although it is difficult for all parties to put aside the difference in interests, making efforts to seek common ground and maximize profit on the basis of “common interests” might be a good way to maintain long-term stability in this region.

Referendum Will Not End Malvinas Dispute2013-03-15


Obama, Abe meet on economy U.S.-Japan alliance
In a referendum held by the government of Malvinas, known as the Falklands in Britain, on whether to keep the territory under British rule, it is said that the vast majority of more than 1600 residents who were qualified voters voted yes, while only three voted no and one abstained.David Cameron, the prime minister of the UK, stated in a public speech the moment he knew the referendum result that the residents said clearly they wished the Falklands to remain part of the UK's overseas territory. He said Argentina and the rest of the world should heed the wishes of the islanders.

Not easy to open a new chapter in the US-Venezuelan relations2013-03-11


Dutch meat processor sues official watchdog in horsemeat scandal
On 5 March 2013, Venezuelan vice President Nicolás Maduro announced that President Hugo Chavez had died in Caracas. U.S. President Barack Obama stated that the United States reaffirms its support for the Venezuelan people and its interest in developing a constructive relationship with the Venezuelan government. However, it is definitely not easy to open a new chapter in US-Venezuelan relations.

Japanese media: Abe saw cold shoulder in U.S.2013-02-26


EU, U.S. decide to prepare for launch of FTA talks
On Feb. 24, Abe’s first significant “diplomatic show” in his second term as prime minister ended. He once had great hope on the trip to America. However, most Japanese media have been negative about the visit. According to Jiji Press, at the press conference after the leaders’ meeting, Obama “completely ignored” a Japanese reporter’s question about the Diaoyu Islands, which was obviously different from then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s words in January. The article also analyzed that there is no doubt that Obama would not like to irritate China with Japan.

Highlight the "Horse meat scandal"|Discuss2013-02-22


Myanmar-Japan sign MoU on mutual cooperation

The investigation of the "Horse meat scandal" is still going on and the truth is yet to be clear. However, there are four points that should be clarified.
How to define the nature of the "horse meat scandal? How many countries will be affected? Where is the source of the horsemeat scandal? Is there any deficiency of food safety mechanism in Europe? This article will analyse these questions.

EU and U.S. to build free trade zone | Discuss2013-02-20


Chances for U.S. immigration reform good, but pitfalls remain
Core Tips:
The business circles of Europe and America are looking forward to launching a free trade agreement (FTA) and giving more opportunities for global business to take more advantages in global trade competition. Jose Manuel Barroso, president of the European Commission, said the EU-U.S. FTA will be the world’s biggest free trade agreement which will be a “game-changer” to affect global trade standard.


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