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China's moon rover 'sleeps' through lunar night
The moon rover and lander of China's Chang'e 3 lunar probe mission will "sleep" during the lunar night, enduring extreme low temperatures on the lunar surface.
Bless Jade Rabbit and Bless China
Today, our dream comes true. This a cultural legend signifying the great achievements our Chinese nation has made.
·China's moon rover flexes muscles
·Lander and rover ready to perform exploration tasks
·Scientists' view: Why do we venture to the moon?
·Lunar exploration tech takes time to be applied

Worker spent 2000 yuan to witness the 30-seconds' launch
A workerfrom Shandong province spent 2000 yuan to come to Xichang to witness the lunar probe launch. His purpose is just to cheer for China’s aerospace industry.
The interplanetary legend of "Jade Rabbit" lunar rover
Experts talk about the interplanetary legend of "Jade Rabbit" lunar rover.As the first lunar rover of China, "Jade Rabbit" also contains a lot of secrets remaining to be uncovered.
Chang’e-3 Demonstrates “Chinese Height”
No matter Chinese people have realized or not and agree or not, China has become a leading role in the central zone of golbal economy, politics and culture
Hot in China: Adorable weibo account of moon rover "Jade Rabbit" popular on Internet
Recently, the weibo account of the moon rover "Jade Rabbit" becomes popular among Chinese netizens.

Chang'e-3 lunar probe ready to launch

Graphics: Launch procedure of Chang'e-3 lunar probe

China launches probe and rover to moon

Heroines to "lift" Chang'e-3 lunar probe
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