Xi's visit highlights partnership with Belgium, EU
President Xi Jinping, accompanied by Belgian King Philippe, reviews the honour guard at a ceremony in Brussels on Sunday. During the welcoming ceremony at the Royal Palace in Brussels earlier on Sunday, Xi and his wife, accompanied by the king and queen, arrived at the palace escorted by officers on horseback.
China, France celebrate 50 years of unique ties
It was cultural interaction, which began long before world history entered the contemporary era, that laid the foundation of China-France friendship. The friendship was boosted by France's soft power and independent foreign policy, which prompted Paris to establish diplomatic ties with Beijing in 1964 during the Cold War, when the United States and its Western allies viewed China as an enemy. France's bold gesture was welcomed and reciprocated by China.
“Experience China” will be held in France and Belgium from Mar. 26 to Apr. 1, which includes donating books to the headquarters of UNESCO, publication of French edition of The Whole Story of the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between China and France, building ‘China Pavilion’ with the College of Europe. From Mar. 26 to Apr. 6.
About the 'Experience China' program
Since 1999, the Information office of the State Council of China has organized a series of cultural events in several countries, including Germany, France, Switzerland, the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Russia, South Korea and South Africa. Collectively named "Experience China," the events have been well received by overseas governments, news media and the general public. They have become an established part of China’s cultural exchange program, and provide a way for foreign audiences to understand and experience China in their own countries. More>>>
France-China youth Art exchange exhibition held in Paris to celebrate 50 years of ties
Feature: From 1964 to 2014, witnesses tell stories of China-France ties
"When I first came to China, we could still see farmers working in the fields on the sides of the curving narrow paths we passed from the airport to downtown Beijing."But in the latter years of his administration, also when Wang Hua was posted again to France as a diplomat, China had already embarked on a new phase of development.
·EU-China Research Center opens in Belgium
·The SCIO present publications to UNESCO as gifts
·Book launched for anniversary of China-France relations
·Exhibition of the 50th Anniversary of the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between China and France Opens at Beijing
·Official Website of Lyon Sino-French Institute Opens
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