Finish building a moderately prosperous society

Xi highlights measures to tackle poverty during Anhui tour

Insurance coverage and health benefits should be expanded to tackle poverty, said President Xi Jinping during an inspection tour to Jinzhai county, Anhui province, on Sunday.

China to relocate over 2 mln poor people

Xi urges intensified efforts to advance rural reform

Xi calls for people-centric reform measures, stresses employment

Deepen reform

China to deepen SOE reform in 2016

China will continue to propel its ongoing reform on torpid state-owned enterprises (SOE) this year as part of the efforts to restructure the economy, according to a recent government meeting.

Xi demands priority on advancing supply-side reform

Xi urges local authorities to advance supply-side reform

President Xi stresses innovation to bolster economy

Advance the law based governance of China

Top legislature reviews draft decision to promote education on law

A draft decision on strengthening education about the rule of law over the next five years was scheduled for review by the top legislature on Monday.A framework consisting of school, family and society should be strengthened to promote education, it said.

China's legislation efforts on smoking control

China committed to "clean governance": anti-graft official

Top legislature ratifies int'l treaty to cut mercury

Strengthen Party self discipline

China pilots regulations on officials' family businesses

China is pushing for more restrictions on the business activities of officials' family members as pilots are trialed around the country. Family members include officials' spouses, children and the children's spouses.

4,309 officials punished in frugality campaign in April

Xi warns of Party "cabals and cliques"

China champions "four consciousnesses," conforming with Xi

The Chinese dream

New model of major county relations

Combat corruption

The CPC leadership

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