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Jeff Frey, Co-founder of

Hello everyone  I'm Jeff and I come from Switzerland  and I’m in Beijing now for more than five years

First time I came to Beijing was in 2012. I came to visit a friend that was working here and I really liked it.

Beijing has a really good environment for start-ups I would say there's a lot of people here, a lot of people doing their own start-ups so you can learn a lot from different people. I started my own company called “Interns in Beijing”which is now the largest platform for experts in Beijing. We mostly helped them to find out how they can start working in china what are the differences between china and the West,and which little details they have to pay attention to in order to not make any mistakes. Well, I think it's really common like most of the people if they come to China, especially if they come from the West. Maybe their mindset of China what they think like OK.  Maybe it's still old school everything or my toys when I was young were made in China so they have this kind of perspective of China and once they come to China. They see totally different it's really developed that's a super economy. I think especially as you mentioned Tech-companies are really growing fast in China.Silicon Valley was the main place for tech-companies, and now it is it's ZHONGGUANCUN I would say,or Shenzhen or Hangzhou.So I think that it's really impressive that it came out of nowhere. China was famous for copycats. But now they’re developing the whole things by themselves so I think this is a super super super impressive. They see a lot of opportunities here. So that they’re fascinated and they want to be part of it. Myself I am an example,right? I didn't expect to come here and grow my own business I was expected to stay here for half a year It all didn't happen like that, now I'm here five years,and then ended up being here five years in developing my own company just lately it was announced that the foreigners will be able to take part-time jobs and internships all over China.So I think that there's a really a big step forward going on .Because they give a different mindset, different ideas to the companies. And on the other hand, it's good for the foreigners to have some China experience because China is going to go all over the world. Chinese companies are already conquering the world and because also the company's let's say XIAOMI HUAWEI,all these companies, or Tencent  they're all going abroad.So if you start a career in China  you might even be able to go back to your home country and work for this company in your home country having the experience from China being able to speak Chinese. So you have the same mindset as the company in their home. China is developing very fast as I said and many people want to be part of this.I would say like Beijing changed a lot. I arrived here in 2013 to live here. So all these changes also made a real huge difference for Beijing as a city.

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