Jaime FlorCruz, Former CNN Beijing Bureau Chief: As time goes by

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Jaime FlorCruz, Former CNN Beijing Bureau Chief: As time goes by

Song: Great Beijing we sing for you, you’re the strength of people of all nationalities. Each time we think of Beijing, joyous sounds of singing become particularly resonant; each time we think of Beijing, we are full of strength.

 I’m Jaime FlorCruz.I'm from the Philippines 

 I first came to Beijing in August 1971.Which means I have been here for 47 years 

 I'm a journalist. I first worked for TIME magazine 

 And later joined CNN as a reporter and Beijing bureau chief 

 I retired three years ago, and now teach a media course at Peking University 

 My first impression of Beijing was that it was very mysterious. I thought Beijing was a unique place 

 In the autumn of 1977, I was admitted to Peking University 

 So I was one of the first students to enroll at Peking University after the “cultural revolution” when the college entrance examination was restored 

 We had a lot of learning and debating in and out of class 

 What exactly does China's reform and opening-up mean? Where is China headed? 

 At that time, life was relatively monotonous, especially in entertainment 

 We would be lucky if we could watch one or two movies a month 

 On the campus, there would be a mobile projection team

Who would hang up a large piece of white cloth at sunset 

 So we would watch movie in the open

I still like watching movies now.

 Sometimes I go to the movie theaters in Sanlitun where big screens are available 

 Now film titles are much more diverse 

 I like Jiang Wen's movies and those of Jia Zhangke’s

 There are more foreign movies, too 

 I think these changes should have started at the end of 1978

 That was when Deng Xiaoping began to reform and open up

 And shift the focus onto economic development 

 I also went to see the 1985 WHAM band performance in Beijing 

 Now such performances are very common, at that time it was a "revolution". 

 Then came Coca Cola, and I interviewed many people for that 

 They were quite happy about it

But some of them felt they were like drinking traditional Chinese medicine 

 That bittersweet taste 

 I’ve changed with the reforms in Beijing and China

My life has also changed as much as those of the Chinese people’s

 If I sum it up, I think can do it with one word, which is “choice”. 

 The 40 years of reform have given people a choice 

 In Beijing I found a place to build a career, a place to live 

 I also found a place where I’ve achieved something that can be considered a success 

 I wish Beijing well

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