Ella Kidron: Innovation drives the future

2018-December-13 17:44 By: GMW.cn

Ella Kidron, International Communications Manager at JD.com

Hello, I’m Ella Kidron. My Chinese name is Ai Lan. I’m American.

I’m a senior International Communications Manager at JD.com.

I also teach swimming and yoga now

When I was in the U.S., I competed in many national swimming matches

After I moved to China, I decided to teach swimming

Now I'm teaching two kids to swim

In my spare time, I also take my friends to swim

I think these leisure-time activities on the one hand help me integrate into life in Beijing

On the other hand, they enlarge my horizon.

I came to Beijing 10 years ago

In my impression, people were still using functional mobile phones at that time.

And they couldn’t use mobile payment like we do now.

If I wanted to buy a 3C product

I would go to Zhongguancun, and pay with cash.

Two years ago, when I moved to Beijing.I found people are all using smart phones.

Even roadside stall keepers accept mobile payment.

When I went shopping with my friends in Beijing 10 years ago,

I saw people mostly buy clothes and food.

They mostly bought daily necessities.

But now it has changed,

They tend to buy more products they are interested in.

For instance, smart sound systems are very popular on JD.com.

Consumers can use voice control to buy products via smart sound systems.

And they can also control their furniture via voice control.

JD.com is now constantly promoting unmanned projects,such as drones, self-driving cars and fully automated warehouses.

Fresh produce and fashion products are also very popular.

And many overseas products are getting more popular.

Now more overseas brands choose to settle at JD.com.

As consumers’ incomes increase in Beijing, they pay more attention to quality and brands.

I think JD.com is always a tech company.

Now China develops very fast in science and technology.

There are many innovative and tech companies in Beijing in particular, no matter large firms or very small creative startups.

Beijing’s business environment is suitable for innovation, which can make creative companies develop very fast.

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