Abdinasir Ahmed: Beijing Guoan, I love you

2018-December-13 17:44 By: GMW.cn

Abdinasir Ahmed, Co-founder of Hikicker Football Club And Manager of International Football Friendship Club(IFFC)

My name is Abdinasir Ahmed, I'm from Somalia

27 years ago I came to Beijing to study

I studied Chinese at Beijing Language and Culture University for two years

Later I went to Beijing Sport University

for undergraduate and graduate studies

I work at the Somali Embassy

I am also one of the organizers of the Beijing International Friendship Football Club(IFFC)

At the same time, I am a Co-founder of the HiKicker Football Club in Beijing

The cultivation of young football players throughout China didn’t begin until recent years

HiKicker Football Club was established in 2014

At the beginning, there were only more than twenty children

Now we have more than 700

As soon as I first came, I started to watch Beijing Guoan games

At that time, the league was called League A

I think the spirit of Beijing football is pretty good

Sometimes I go to the Beijing Workers Stadium to watch games featuring Beijing Guoan

The enthusiasm of the fans is pretty impressive

It used to be difficult to play football with the locals, even Chinese.

Because most Beijingers think

It was difficult to overcome differences between languages and cultures

So they rarely got close to foreigners

Or to play football, or simply have fun together

But when we play or watch football games now

We would talk with Beijingers

They would invite us to

Play football with them

Or would say we should watch

Or talk about football

So it’s totally different

If someone asks me

"Where is your hometown?"

I would say Beijing

I really like Beijing very much

Because Beijing has given me my career

Beijing has given me a lot of friends

So no matter where I go

Beijing is my home, Beijing is my favorite city

I would say the Chinese league is now the best in Asia

So in the near future

I think Chinese football will get better and better

Go Guoan! Go!

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