Nelly: Born in China and going global

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Nelly,Community Manager of Xiaomi

Hello, my name is Nelly. I am from Mexico, I came to China ten years ago, and right now I am working as community manager in Xiaomi. What I really remember is like when the smart phones started.  Definitely no screen touch, no smart phone, no nothing. It was just like really this old piece of technology. Everybody was like very excited because all you got is access like your email and you contacts very easily. But I thought it was really expensive. I clearly remember that actually before working in Xiaomi, I was a fan, I heard about this brand.  My first smart phone was a Xiaomi, a Mi 2 actually, it was a white one. Also my friends, like some of them have come to China, maybe they have not heard of Xiaomi yet, but I definitely transformed them and they are really fans, they’re like “Oh my god, where can I find this?” I said: “Well Well, very soon”.  Definitely many people I have transformed into Xiaomi fans. The attractiveness is that we are more than just smart phones or a tech company. So yeah it was basically a whole lifestyle and that’s why I really got into the brand. We make friends with our fans. Actually very recently we were just in Spain, actually that was a really really amazing experience. We invited people from all over the world. We received, I don’t know, like more than 20,000 submissions, people from 70 different countries. From there it was very difficult to choose, we got people like from Egypt, Vietnam, Thailand, India, UK, Spain, like really everywhere. And we go with them together, and yeah we were just friends. Like I said it’s just like a big family coming together. We are working really hard like we are expanding, we are growing.

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