Farman Ali Najim: U.S. teacher’s life in Beijing

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Farman Ali Najim, Foreign expert of Beijing No. 35 High School International Department

Hi, my name is Ali Farman. I’m an American citizen. I’m working now for 35 High School in Beijing. When I came here in 2012, I was very impressed with what I saw.I saw the city very modern, and people very friendly.When I came to Beijing in 2012, I wanted to stay only for two years, maybe three years. But I found myself very respected by my colleagues.I’m very productive at work. And I found I’m making a big difference in the kids’ lives. So I wanted to stay here. I didn’t want to go home. I felt I’m home.When I came to Beijing, I didn’t know Beijing and China looks like this.And I was very surprised for modern life in Beijing, and the number of high rises and beautiful buildings in Beijing. And those buildings in Beijing, they show the creativity of Chinese people. When I moved to Yizhuang, a district in Beijing, six years ago, that area was very quiet. Few buildings here and there. And now you can go there, you can see a new city there. Created by Chinese in five years, fifty buildings and Lincoln park area for example.Many, many Starbucks and ethnic foods and other restaurants.I like Chinese food. So quality of life here in Beijing is so great for foreigners. We can find anything we want or we need. Hospitals, they have very good hospitals, restaurants, coffee shops.I live in front of a park, and that park was there for six years in front of my apartment. And I can go anywhere any time there and enjoy it. So I really enjoy life in Beijing. I have been living here for almost seven years of my life. And I’m very happy here. I have a lot of friends in my neighborhood.Despite of the language barrier, we can talk sometimes in Chinese or in English. But I can call them friends, because they are always there, I can see them, you know, they can help, and I would help if they need my help. So I’m very impressed with the Chinese friendliness. They are friendly people, very respectful, very genuine.I’m very glad to choose China, to come here and live a very big part of my life in China. I really wish to stay here forever, but nothing is permanent in life. One day I have to go back. But I really am gonna miss Beijing very much, and people of Beijing.

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