Piyanat Arunwuttipong: Thai girl’s dream in Beijing

2018-December-19 10:42 By: GMW.cn

Piyanat Arunwuttipong, Operation Manger of Thai Contents at Tik Tok’s Internationalization Department

 Hi, my name is Hong Lingling, my English name is Piyanat Arunwuttipong. I’m from Thailand and I’m in charge of Thai contents operation at Tik Tok’s internationalization department I’ve been in Beijing for 6 years.  To me the biggest change in Beijing is in technology.For example, when I came to Beijing in 2012, people generally used cash when shopping. But now it’s totally different.I think Beijing is totally a cashless society now.  Everyone makes payments using Alipay or WeChat.That’s the biggest change I’ve seen.  Our company was founded in 2012, the year I just came to Beijing.The city is always developing fast, so is our company.With our company growing from a small family into a big one, our products have now covered more than 150 countries. I believe our growth would not have been possible without China’s fast developing high-tech industries and Internet technologies. The most important reasons are on one hand Beijing municipal government supports Internet development; on the other hand, there are lots of talents in Beijing. The company has always been focusing on high technologies and innovation since it was founded. Besides, our company also provides training, including an AI technology lab for scientists and researchers. I think I'm just a normal person living in Beijing.It’s hard to say 6 years is a long or short time, but I have feelings for Beijing. Actually I love living in Beijing, and it’s very convenient and diverse.For example, if I want to visit some traditional places, I can go to South Luogu Lane and North Luogu Lane, where I can see the authentic lifestyle of local people.If I want to visit modern, international places, I can go to Guomao and Sanlitun.I think it’s hard to keep traditional things and modern things together for a city.  That’s a main reason I love Beijing.Comparing Beijing to a person, I think Beijing is one that has very high standards for herself, keeping challenging herself all the time.I also believe that high-tech and Internet industries will help Beijing develop faster, and bring better lives to Beijing people.

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