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"Red May Classics" drama festival held by Beijing No. 5 Middle School

Photo taken on June 1, 2021 shows middle school students staging the drama show "The Lights of Ten Thousand Homes". The 19th Chinese Drama Festival themed with "Red May Classics" was held on that day by Beijing No. 5 Middle School at Tiandi Theatre of Children's Palace in Dongcheng District, Beijing, China's capital city. With the support of People's Art Theatre, students from Beijing No.5 Middle School and Beijing No.1 Middle School jointly performed five sections of its classics "Rickshaw Boy", "Longxu Ditch", "The Lights of Ten Thousand Homes", "The South Courtyard on North Street" and "The Community Director" in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the CPC. (Zhou Liang/Guangming Picture)

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