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Why do people care about "earthquake youths"?

May 12 was the 13th anniversary of the Wenchuan earthquake. These days, many memories related to Wenchuan are being brought back. The current conditions of children who experienced the earthquake have been the focus of public concern. The topic "How are the 'earthquake youths' of 13 years ago doing right now" also climbed up the trendy topic list.

The "Cola boy", who was rescued from the ruins and wanted to drink Coca Cola, now works for Coca Cola. The "Drip-bottle boy" who held the drip bottle for his classmate for one day and one night went back to Mianyang City to build his hometown. The "mini girl" who stopped growing due to spine injuries during the earthquake is now a music teacher at Yutang Elementary School in Dujiangyan City. The boy who raised a hand from a crack in a collapsed building and made a V-for-Victory sign upon being rescued, known as the “crevice boy”, now films documentaries in Chengdu. Recently, he finished a marathon pushing a wheelchair.

The group of "earthquake youths" is big, and these are only one part of it. People pay much attention to "earthquake youths" because the growth of this particular group is the epitome of the rebuilding after the disaster of Wenchuan. Thirteen years after the Wenchuan earthquake, with our country's comprehensive abilities, especially capabilities for infrastructure construction, we don’t have to worry about infrastructure and public facilities in Wenchuan. After rebuilding, both urban and rural areas there have taken on a new look. However, at the end of the day, what people care about the most are the ones who survived the earthquake, especially the children and youths who were at an important stage of growth when the earthquake struck. People care about whether they are relieved from the impacts of the disaster, and whether they can grow up healthily.

It is comforting to know that the status quo of the majority of the "earthquake youths" reported by the media is satisfactory. They are the symbol of "life goes on, Wenchuan goes on", and of the Chinese nation’s endless vitality and unyielding courage in the face of adversity.

Author: Chen Ding, media commentator

[ Editor: JYZ ]