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In pics: couple provides medical services for local villagers in Anhui

Zhang Qingyu(1st, R) talks with her friends in Qingxi Village, Huangjian Township of east China's Anhui Province, July 10, 2021. "I'd like to skip these two days of separation if I could." Xu wrote on her social network account as she was about to end her service in Huangjian Township. Xu Xiaochan and Zhang Jianming, together with their daughter Zhang Qingyu, moved to Huangjian Township of Huangshan City in 2019 as the couple decided to join in a campaign to provide medical services for local villagers there. The medical service in rural area, lasting for two years, is part of a program in Anhui province to call for doctors working in big cities to serve in remote villages to help impoverished people. In the past two years, Xu Xiaochan and Zhang Jianming have set up standardized clinics in the village and made regular home-visit to villagers. The couple also trained follow-up successors for village clinics and promoted medical knowledge in the mountainous area. Through their efforts, the public medical services in the township have been improved a lot. On July 10, the last day of their work in the township, local people came to bid farewell to them as the couple witnessed many great events in the village. "Huangjian Township has become our second hometown." Xu Xiaochan said, "Our hearts stay with the villagers here." (Xinhua/Zhou Mu)

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