Infographic: Questions for the US about COVID-19 origin tracing

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Infographic: Questions for the US about COVID-19 origin tracing

Lately some US officials and media have been hyping up the claim that three researchers with the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) fell ill in November 2019, which, they allege, adds to the credibility of the "lab-leak" theory.

People may ask:

Does the US know their names?

Does the US know the diseases they contracted?

Where is the report saying they tested positive for the novel coronavirus?

Can the US show the evidence?

The US couldn't show the evidence because it is lying. It is only seeking to stigmatize and demonize China in the name of conducting origins study. Here are some more questions for the US:

According to the US NIH website, research has shown that evidence of infection in five US states appeared back in December 2019. How does the US respond to this?

In Florida, 171 people with no travel history to China had coronavirus symptoms earlier than the state's first reported case. How does the US account for this?

The mayor of Belleville, New Jersey, got infected in November 2019, over two months earlier than the first confirmed case in the US. How does the US explain this?

The EVALI outbreaks that swept through several US states in July 2019 caused pulmonary symptoms highly similar to those of COVID-19. Can the US offer some clarifications?

The US instantaneously clams up whenever there is a call for an WHO investigation into Fort Detrick and the 200-plus US biological laboratories overseas. What dark secrets are hidden out of sight at Fort Detrick?


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