Paris 2024 commits to staging climate-positive Olympic and Paralympic Games

2021-July-30 19:55 By: Xinhua

TOKYO, July 30 (Xinhua) -- The Paris 2024 target of an eco-friendly Games is being met through maximum use of existing and temporary facilities, renewable energy supply and low-carbon transportation, organizers have claimed.

Speaking to Xinhua during the ongoing Tokyo Olympics on Friday, Georgina Grenon, the environmental excellence director of Paris 2024 noted that each stage of the 2024 Summer Games has been designed with sustainability in mind.

"Paris 2024 will use 95 percent existing and temporary venues, and any new permanent construction will be low in carbon," said Grenon.

She noted that 100 percent of energy supply at Paris Games will be renewable. "And spectators will be encouraged to use public transport because all the venues were chosen to be accessible."

Paris 2024's commitment to reducing the carbon footprint is also seen in their principle of circular economy, Grenon added.

"Even for an eight-floor building, we're using recycled materials. That is green cement. All that allows us to reduce the emission of every square meter we built," she said.

Carbon neutrality is also the objective of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. Notable evidence is that carbon dioxide was used as a refrigerant in ice-making at four venues, which reduces damage to the ozone layer as well as energy consumption.

Grenon said that she expects to get a first-hand look at the work of their Chinese counterparts in this regard.

"Winter and Summer are different types of Games. But we're looking forward to discovering what Beijing 2022 will be doing. I think they probably have some surprises for us as well as what we will have for everyone in 2024," said Grenon. Enditem

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