CPC's Mission and Contributions: How does the Party maintain vigor and vitality?

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CPC's Mission and Contributions: How does the Party maintain vigor and vitality?The Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee on Thursday released a key publication titled “The CPC: Its Mission and Contributions”, Aug. 26, 2021.

“Maintaining Vigor and Vitality” is the fourth of the five chapters of the document, apart from “Serving the People Wholeheartedly”, “Realizing the Ideals of the Party”, “Robust Leadership and Strong Governance” and “Contributing to World Peace and Development”.

As it pointed out, “the CPC has always been able to maintain vigor and vitality and stand at the forefront of the times despite the many hardships it has endured in the past hundred years.”

“To maintain its health and vigor, it exercises effective self-supervision, practices strict self-discipline in every respect, consistently pursues improvement, and advances with the times,” it stated.

CPC's Mission and Contributions: How does the Party maintain vigor and vitality?

The four vital respects for the CPC to maintain vigor and vitality are as follows:

1. Upholding intra-Party democracy

The CPC’s advocacy and promotion of democracy is demonstrated first in its application within the party. To achieve intra-party democracy and create a political model characterized by centralism and democracy, by discipline and freedom, and by unity of will and individual initiative, the Party mobilizes all its members’ dynamism and creativity in exploring the optimum models.

2. Correcting mistakes

In the course of leading China's revolution, reconstruction and reform to great success, the CPC has made mistakes and experienced setbacks. It has faced up to its problems and mistakes, and corrected them by upholding the truth. Through trial and error, it has grown stronger and better, and continues to lead the people forward.

3. Protecting Party’s Health

In revolution, reconstruction and reform, the CPC has been and will be confronted with all kinds of tests, including temptations from the outside world. Any slackness in enforcing Party self-discipline or any negative shift in its members' thinking and behavior will erode its health. With that in mind, the Party takes resolute measures against all phenomena that may undermine its integrity and progressive nature. It treats any signs or symptoms of disease as soon as they appear and promptly removes any virus or tumor identified in order to protect its health.

4. Promoting study and review

The CPC is a capable party. Over the past hundred years, it has led the people to numerous great achievements: defeating the many and strong with the few and weak in war, maintaining rapid economic growth and lasting social stability, and turning the impossible into the possible again and again. The reasons that the Party has been able to stand in the forefront of the times, respond to complex circumstances, and complete arduous tasks, are twofold. One is its emphasis on study and review; the other its commitment to drawing on good experience from other countries to strengthen its own capability for revolution, reconstruction and reform.

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