14th Five-Year Plan shows central government's staunch support for Hong Kong: Carrie Lam

2021-August-27 21:02 By: GMW.cn

Chief Executive of China's Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) Carrie Lam said on August 24 that the contents relating to Hong Kong in the 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-2025) are important and encouraging, which demonstrate the central government's staunch support for the HKSAR.

Lam said at a regular press conference that the 14th Five-Year Plan has made clear the support for Hong Kong in enhancing its status as an international financial, transportation, trade center and aviation hub, as well as in strengthening its roles as a global offshore Renminbi business hub, an international asset management center and a risk management center.

The Plan also supports Hong Kong in developing into an international innovation and technology hub, a center for international legal and dispute resolution services in the Asia-Pacific region, and a regional intellectual property trading center. It also supports Hong Kong in promoting its service industries for high-end and high value-added development and also a hub for arts and cultural exchanges between China and the rest of the world.

Lam's remarks came a day after a central government delegation began its special tour here to help various sectors in Hong Kong to better understand the national 14th Five-Year Plan and grasp the fresh opportunities from the national development scheme.

Lam said that the HKSAR government has arranged key officials to meet with the national delegation to introduce the HKSAR government's work in three areas: finance, aviation, innovation and technology. At the same time, she has submitted strategic documents to the central government on six major policy areas.

Lam stressed that the efforts to enable Hong Kong people to better grasp the opportunities to integrate into the overall development of the country and make good use of the support provided by the national plan will be very positive for Hong Kong's economic development and improvement of people's livelihood.

Source: Xinhua

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