Touring countries at 4th CIIE: products 'made in Czech Republic' to shine at the expo

2021-November-11 16:27 By:

By Wu Xilu

Czech Republic, a country with stunning castles dotting the landscape, has participated in the CIIE for three consecutive years.

The China International Import Expo (CIIE) is the first national-level import-themed professional trade fair in the world.

Three international organizations and 58 countries from five continents, especially those involved in the Belt and Road Initiative, participate in the Online Country Exhibition.

CIIE, as a giant promotion platform, helps demonstrate the strength of products "made in the Czech Republic".

It also significantly improves the popularity of Czech products in China.

At the 4th CIIE in Shanghai, the Czech Republic's pavilion brought exhibits and products that for decades have been exported to China, such as crystal glass, musical instruments and beer.

This year’s expo has seen active participation by companies in the crystal business. Czech crystal exhibits have attracted large crowds of visitor and buyers at the former expos.

Besides, machinery and transportation equipment remain the backbone of the Czech export structure.

Innovative products from sectors such as high-tech automotive, aerospace, heavy machinery also showcase at the expo.

Several brands such as Skoda and Petrof are in a strong position in China, which have become more visible in China through the CIIE.

China and the Czech Republic have signed a number of cooperation agreements and trade contracts, and participating enterprises have gained solid economic benefits.

Editor: Zhang Zhou
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