Q&A: What is whole-process people's democracy

2021-December-5 10:01 By: GMW.cn

By Wang Xinyuan

China's State Council Information Office issued a white paper titled "China: Democracy That Works", Nov. 4, 2021.

Q&A: What is whole-process people's democracy

"Whole-process people's democracy integrates process-oriented democracy with results-oriented democracy, procedural democracy with substantive democracy, direct democracy with indirect democracy, and people's democracy with the will of the state," the white paper said, "it is a model of socialist democracy that covers all aspects of the democratic process and all sectors of society. It is a true democracy that works."

The white paper specifically interpreted what the whole-process people's democracy is.

Whole-process people's democracy is a creation of the CPC in leading the people to pursue, develop and realize democracy, embodying the Party's innovation in advancing China's democratic theories, systems and practices. The Party's history of struggle is a course of rallying the people and leading them to explore, establish and develop whole-process people's democracy. It is a logical outcome of history, theory and practice based on the strenuous efforts of the people under the leadership of the Party. It is a requisite for maintaining the very nature of the Party and fulfilling its fundamental purpose.

Whole-process people's democracy, giving full expression to the socialist nature of the state and the people's principal position, serves to better represent the people's will, protect their rights and fully unleash their potential to create. Whole-process people's democracy has formed and developed in a nationwide effort, led by the CPC, to strive for national independence, the country's prosperity, and the people's liberation and wellbeing. It is rooted in this vast land, nourished by the culture and traditions of the Chinese civilization, and draws on the achievements of human civilization. Suited to the conditions in China and embraced by the people, it has solid foundations and a bright future.

Whole-process people's democracy is a complete system with supporting mechanisms and procedures, and has been fully tested through wide participation. It integrates two major democratic models – electoral democracy and consultative democracy. It operates a democratic system covering a population of more than 1.4 billion from 56 ethnic groups of a vast country, making possible the wide and sustained participation of all its people. Whole-process people's democracy has distinctive Chinese characteristics; it also exemplifies common values and contributes China's ideas and solutions to the political progress of humanity.

Editor: Zhang Zhou
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